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Get Super Healthy With Kira & High Frequency Foods For Ascension!

What you can discover right now:

  • How to tune in to your bodies own natural wisdom and intelligence.

  • How to intuitively feel your way towards healthier life choices.

  • How to let go of toxins that are not serving you, and in-turn build a strong, healthy, foundation with foods that your body and cells crave.

  • How to let go of harmful, and non-beneficial substances with ease, and get back into harmony and alignment with Source Energy.

  • How to bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!

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    All the ingredients for your health, success and well-being! Heal and regenerate your physical body. Unlock your highest potential. Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!  ~ Kira Slade, Course Creator & Facilitator

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    Challenges & Solutions:

    How can we let go of the toxins that aren't serving us, and in-turn build a strong, healthy foundation with foods that our body and cells crave?

    How can we let go of harmful, non-beneficial substances with ease, and get back into harmony and alignment with Source Energy?

    How can we eliminate pain, dis-ease, aging, and bridge the gap from one lifestyle and state of consciousness to another?

    How can we raise our vibration to a much higher level, and feel good all day, everyday?

    Key Benefits For High Frequency Foods For Ascension Members:

  • Journey Through Amazing and Magical Portals!

  • Receive Kira's Wisdom, Guidance and Support!

  • Recognize Blocks and Heal Your Body Naturally!

  • Cleanse, Detoxify and Regenerate Your Body!

  • Receive Kira's Love, Light and Inspiration!

  • Get Step-by-Step Direction on Your Journey!

  • Watch Fifty-Two (52) Video Tutorials!

  • Achieve Life Changing Results!

    Start Eating Healthy

    Regenerate new cells of greater life force and higher vibratory frequency.

    Raise Your Vibration

    The absolute best way to increase your body mind soul connection.

    Empower Your Life

    Feel good everyday, get centered, and start making wise choices.

    "Kira is amazing, wise, and knowledgeable. I am so thankful for High Frequency Foods! In only three months I lost over 50 pounds and got off my high blood pressure medication I was on for over 10 years!"

    Kurt Trevallion, Author - Holistic Soul-Healing

    Discover High Frequency Foods for Ascension!

    Get to know Kira. Increase your energy, self-esteem, and self-empowerment. Bring better health, greater well-being, and more happiness into your life. Create space to allow in more prosperity, joy, and abundance. Choose to open and clear your channel to Source Energy. Stop the weight loss regimens that just don’t work for you. Release trapped energy holding you back from what you really want in your life. Stop the endless cravings and the nonstop hunger after every meal. Join the High Frequency Foods Family!

      Grandma's No-Bake Cacao Cookie Recipe ~ Free!

      Start healing and regenerating your physical body with one of my most delicious Dessert Recipes!

      A Delicious Homemade, High Frequency Dessert Recipe. Watch this amazing Video Tutorial as Kira makes Delicious Grandma's No-Bake Cacao Cookies! Enjoy this sweet recipe without regret.