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Kira Slade and Carpinteria Healing Arts Present...

High Frequency Foods For Ascension 

Experience optimal health and wellness.

Bring your life, passion and purpose to a full roar! 

Open and clear your channel to Source Energy.

Simply put, this is your path to unlock your highest potential!

Learn more about Kira and High Frequency Foods for Ascension!

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High Frequency Foods and Juice Recipes, The Core Foods Fast, Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Healing and Regeneration Video Tutorials, Downloadable Instructional and Recipe PDF Books, Guided Meditations with Kira, and much more!

Plus, all the necessary ingredients for your health and well-being. Lessons are accessible in your personal members area.

Presented and Published by Kira Slade - Creator, Facilitator & Coach

Start raising your vibration, healing, and regenerating your physical body with Kira!

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Kira's Hot Lemon Remedy Video Tutorial... 

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Raise Your Vibration with High Frequency Foods for Ascension!

Join the High Frequency Foods for Ascension Family!


All the ingredients for your health, success and well-being! Heal and regenerate your physical body. Unlock your highest potential. Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!

    Learn How To...

  • Tune in to your bodies own natural wisdom and intelligence.

  • Intuitively feel your way towards healthier life choices.

  • Let go of toxins that are not serving you, and in-turn build a strong, healthy, foundation with foods that your body and cells crave.

  • Let go of harmful, and non-beneficial substances with ease, and get back into harmony and alignment with Source Energy.

Kira with Apron on

"If you're looking to pursue and fulfill your life's passion and purpose, there's no better way to do it then by letting go of the things that aren't serving you. When you make a conscious decision to let go of those things that no longer serve you, you automatically come into further alignment with Source Energy." ~ Kira Slade

“Our bodies are constantly communicating to us, with High Frequency Foods we learn to listen.” ~ Kira Slade

Learn how to recognize blocks and heal your body naturally.

Cleanse detoxify, and regenerate your body.

Receive wisdom, guidance, support, and step-by-step direction on your journey.

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High Frequency Foods For Ascension

All the necessary ingredients for your health, success, and well-being!

What is our mission at Carpinteria Healing Arts? ▼show more...

Our mission is to help, support, assist and guide you toward re-establishing the richness of your body's own natural healing ability. We strive to help you to emotionally heal, recover and be self-empowered. We want to assist you to reconnect to the Universe, and guide you to learn how to achieve your life goals and aspirations.

What can High Frequency Foods For Ascension do for you?▼show more...

High Frequency Foods for Ascension is more that a diet or way of eating, it is a lifestyle, and methodology, designed to cleanse toxicity from cells, clear emotional and mental bodies, regenerate new cells of greater life force and higher vibratory frequency, increase awareness in mind and body, eliminate pain, disease and aging, and bridge the gap from one lifestyle and state of consciousness to another.

What's in the Course?▼show more...
  • Journey Through High Vibrational Lessons in your Members Area! Including - Recipes, Video Tutorials, PDF Book and more...



    How to Begin

    The Preparation Stage

    Beginning Method 1 and 2

    An Introduction To Muscle Testing

    Preparing for The Core Foods Fast

    Shopping For The Core Foods Fast

    The Core Foods Fast

    How to Shop after The Core Foods Fast

    Juicing Your Way to a Higher Vibration

    High Frequency Juices

    How To Make High Frequency Juices

    How To Make Healthy Nut Milks

    Regeneration And Detox What to Expect

    Regeneration And Ascension

    Energy Clearing And Manifesting

    How to Sage

    Energy Clearing Prayer

    Energy Clearing Method

    Prana Tube Activation

    Self Massage

    Breathe of Fire

    Guided Meditations with Kira

    Spiritual And Ceremonial Practices

    Sacred Offering


    Gratefulness Practice

    Clearing Energy Blocks and Healing Addictions!

    Recipes and Substitutions

    Adrenal Exhaustion Juice Recipe

    Roasted Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

    Addictions, Transitions And Substitutions

    Healthy Hot Lemon Juice Remedy

    Energy Boosting Green Zing Juice Recipe

    Delicious Strawberry Delight Raw Dessert Recipe

    Amazing Grandma's No Bake Cacao Cookie Recipe

    Farmers Market Fun

    And More!


    Kira delivers High Frequency Foods and Juice recipes, healing, regeneration, and ascension lessons, as well as guided meditations both through Video Tutorials and PDFs.

  • All the Ingredients to Support your Health, Success and Well-being!▼show more...

    All the necessary tools you need to cleanse and detoxify your cells!

    Begin your transition from processed, harmful, and non-beneficial foods to foods that will raise and harmonize the vibrational frequencies of your body.

    High vibrational lessons to raise your vibration!

    Kira's lessons and video tutorials are so fun, informative, educational and amazing!

    Learn all about...

    Core Foods Fasting to Heal and Regenerate your Body, How to Make Healthy High Frequency Food and Juice Recipes, How to Shop for High Frequency Foods and Juices, How to Assist your Detox and Healing with Self-massage and Acu-yoga Postures, What to Expect During your Detox Process, How to Intuitively Tune Into and Listen to your Body’s own Intelligence and Knowingness, High Frequency Foundation Foods List, and much more!

    Download PDF Instructional and Recipe Books!

    Playbook, Core Regeneration Recipes, Seasonal Recipes, Juice Recipes, Meridians, Chakras and Breathing Techniques, Special Tips and Tools, Sweet Treats, Soup Recipes, and more PDF Books, as well as Recipes, Healing and Regeneration Video Tutorials, Downloadable from your Members Area!

    Heal, Regenerate and Empower!▼show more...

    Heal, regenerate, and empower your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies!

    Learn about...

    The Prana Tube, Food Assimilation, Helpful Kitchen Tools, Long Term Success, and How To Begin and tackle the different modalities and methods to get started - Slow and Steady, The Gradual Way, or Fast and Focused for Complete Change.

    Learn about...

    The Core Food Fast, Core Regenerating Foods, Foods and Drinks to Limit or Avoid While Regenerating Your Core Energy, Ceiling Foods and Substances, The Regeneration and Detox Process, What To Expect, High Frequency Foundation Foods, Core Regeneration Foods and Recipes, High Frequency Juice Recipes, The Body Clock, The Chinese Medicine Wheel, The Regeneration Path, and much more!

    Discover all the ingredients for your health, success and well-being.

    Heal and regenerate your physical body!

    Unlock your highest potential!

    Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!

    Yes! I Want The Course...

    "Kira's Course is Amazing!"

    See what other members are saying...

    "Kira is amazing, wise, and knowledgeable. I am so thankful for High Frequency Foods for Ascension! In only three months I lost over 50 pounds and got off my high blood pressure medication I was on for over 10 years."

    Kurt Trevallion

    “I strongly believe High Frequency Foods is the best way to regenerate and increase our mind body soul connection. I feel great! (And, be careful it makes you fertile).”

    Kara Block

    “Kira is an amazing instructor! There is no better way of eating that makes you feel so good. I’ve learned to eat according to my body’s needs instead of what my brain wants. I can feel my body being restored, and it just tastes so delicious!”

    Dan Posney

    High Frequency Foods for Ascension Can Help You Move Forward On Your Path...

    "If you're already on your path of pursuing your life's purpose, and you feel like there's something missing, and you just can't get there, but you know you have a gift of service for the world, or you're feeling a deep yearning inside you that feels like your passion, but you're not quite sure what it is, the truth is, eating fresh, organic, nutritious High Frequency Foods can help you move forward on your path, gain clarity for your fulfillment, and empower you to achieve your dreams!"

    ~ Kira Slade ~

    Creator, Failitator and Founder

    Carpinteria Healing Arts & High Frequency Foods For Ascension

    Start Raising Your Vibration One Bite At A Time!

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    Start on Your High Frequency Foods for Ascension Journey Today And Begin Raising Your Vibration!

    What's Included?

    Get Instant Access to...

    • All Portals, Lessons and Content in your Members Area

    • Watch Step-by-step Recipe Video Tutorials with Kira

    • Watch Healing and Regeneration Video Tutorials with Kira

    • Download Kira's Instructional and Recipe PDF Books

    • Enjoy easy to prepare recipes that will completely tantalize your taste buds

    • Receive all the necessary ingredients for your health, success and well-being

    • Tap into Kira's wisdom and guidance

    • Reveive Unique Techniques, Tools and Recipes

    • Heal and Regenerate your Body

    • Unlock your Highest Potential

    • Bring your Life, Passion and Purpose to a Full Roar!

    What's The Course Like?

    Questions & Answers...

    How can I get started? ▼show more or less▲

    First, click any Button on this page to Buy the Course. This process of clicking a button will take you directly to the Course Checkout Area. If you have any questions please email Kira at: [email protected]

    Can I take the Lessons over again?▼show more or less▲

    Yes! All the content that has been published to this date can be accessed and lessons can be taken over and over. And we strongly encourage you do take the lessons over and over.

    Does Kira offer any other products and services?▼show more or less▲

    Yes! Kira offers Healings, Readings, Energy Clearing and Space Clearing. She is working on an online store to offer products she uses, creates, and recommends - like juicers, kitchen aids, books, and custom screen printed apparel including; aprons, t-shits, sweat-shirts, and more.

    Can I get direct counseling and support from Kira?▼show more or less▲.

    Yes, certainly. Kira offers a variety of support services, from the Core Foods Fast to Energy Clearing, Card Reading, Space Clearing, and more. To learn more schedule a free 30 Minute Discovery Session here... Click Here To Subscribe and Get on Kira's schedule.

    Do I have to let go of certain ingredients like sugar?▼show more or less▲

    Kira's High Frequency Foods For Ascension Course is about letting things go that no longer serve your highest and greatest good. Whether it be processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar and various other 'ingredients' and things that block your alignment and connection to Source Energy.

    If you truly want to raise your vibration, gain more clarity, better your health, create longevity, cultivate well-being, and bring more abundance and joy into your life you want to invest in Kira's Course.

    The truth is, when we let go of the things that no longer serve us we create space that allows in what's meant for us, and what's meant to support our highest good. This is what High Frequency Foods for Ascension is all about.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Meet Your Amazing Course Creator, Instructor and Guide, Kira...

    Let food be thy medicine.

    ~ Hippocrates

    Kira is a breath of fresh air, the creator of High Frequency Foods for Ascension, and a master teacher of Self-healing. She reminds us of who we are, why we are here, and how it all relates to the quality of the foods we put into our bodies.

    Kira’s primary mission is to help us recognize our blocks and heal our bodies naturally. Kira delivers recipes and techniques, but more importantly she imparts her personal guidance, love, and inspiration to every individual and in every class.

    Kira’s perspective comes from a lifetime of seeking resolution to her own health challenges.

    Kira’s work with indigenous healers and nutritionists, together with the practices of yoga and meditation, created a meaningful path of healing in her own life that she now shares with her clients.

    Kira’s ability to connect and share this information, strengthened by her life experience as a leader and life coach, has translated into healthy eating habits for her many clients.

    Yes, I Want This Course!

    Want to heal and regenerate your body, unlock your highest potential, and bring your passion and purpose to a full roar with High Frequency Foods for Ascension?

    Is this Course For You?

    This Course will certainly help you if you're...

    • Ready for a major health or life shift?

    • Looking for better health, well-being and happiness?

    • Is trapped energy is holding you back in life?

    • Want more energy, self-esteem and self-empowerment?

    • Want to bring more prosperity and abundance in your life?

    • Want to open up a clear channel to Source Energy?

    • Sick of the weight loss regimens that just don’t work for you?

    • Looking to more easily manifest your dreams and desires?

    • Want to bring more clarity, connection and bliss back into your life?

    • Wanting to bring more peace, love and joy into your life!

    • Want to Raise Your Vibration?

    • Want to Shift Your Life?

    If your answer is Yes, then this Course is for you!

    What is your philosophy on food?

    By asking questions we can get a feeling for how much needs to be discovered on our journey together...

    • Are you primarily into counting calories, carbs, antioxidants or multi-vitamins?

    • What is your perspective on food and the ingredients it contains?

    • Do you read the labels on boxes, bottles, cans and bags when you purchase food?

    • What is your state-of-being when you purchase, prepare and consume food?

    • What is your underlying or overall intention behind the food you consume?

    • How interested are you in preventative healing and regenerative measures?

    • Do you have any health issues that you may want to resolve once and for all?

    • Do you want your life path to be one of healing, growth and prosperity?

    • Do you realize that your physical health needs to progress alongside your spiritual path of awakening, fulfillment and self-empowerment?

    Succeed with High Frequency Foods For Ascension!

    "Recognizing the insanity of our actions and beliefs is the first and essential step to healing and awakening." ~ Will Tuttle

  • How strong is your desire to succeed; to help your own self move forward, to see and recognize your own blockages, to heal your own mind, body, soul, and spirit naturally and holistically?

  • Ultimately, your life journey is all about awakening, raising your consciousness, self-realization, self-love, and self-healing. When it comes to spiritual self-discovery, you know you need to journey within, in joy, from your head to your heart. You know you need to explore and discover what you like and don't like, what serves you and what blocks you, what empowers you and what dis-empowers you.

  • High Frequency Foods For Ascension Course is designed specifically to assist and support you to take action and embody proactive preventative measures.

  • Yes! I Want This Course...

    Thank you for your courage!

     I know that this Co is perfect for you! This Membership Program can raise your vibration and shift your life. Join as a monthly member today. You are going to get the best training on each specific topic and lesson. And, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime. Together we have so much we can create, manifest, and allow in. Thank you for your courage!

    Kira Slade

    Membership Creator & Facilitator

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    *Lifetime Course Includes:

    A Lifetime journey through high vibrational portals and lessons !

    Enjoy High Frequency recipes, video tutorials, PDF Books, guided meditations, and more with Kira!

    *Video Tutorial Lessons with Kira: 

    Enjoy amazing, High Frequency recipes, regeneration, ascension, and guided meditation lessons with video tutorials.

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    *Download Instructional and Recipe PDF Books:

    Reference detailed information and recipes on your High Frequency Foods for Ascension journey, available in Downloadable PDF Books in your Course.

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    Allow Kira to raise your vibration with her amazing guided meditations. Listen to over and over!

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    *Kira’s Amazing Energy And Wisdom:

    Learn how to recognize blocks and heal your body naturally. Cleanse detoxify and regenerate your body. Receive Kira's wisdom, guidance, support and step-by-step direction on your journey.

    Value = Priceless


    *Instant Access to New Resources and Publications:

    Including New video tutorials, guided meditations, PDF Recipe and Instruction Books, Kira's healing, cleansing and regenerating tips, wisdom and guidance, and more. All available in your Course Members Area upon release.

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    Yes! I want to Heal and Regenerate my Body, Unlock my Highest Potential, and Bring my Passion and Purpose to a Full Roar with High Frequency Foods For Ascension and Kira!

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