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We're About Energy, Healing

& High Frequency Foods

At Carpinteria Healing Arts our mission is to...▼(Click To Read More)

Help, support, assist and guide you toward re-establishing the richness of your body's own natural healing ability. We strive to help you to emotionally heal, recover, and be self-empowered. We want to assist you to reconnect to the Universe. And, to guide you to learn how to achieve your life goals and aspirations.

What can High Frequency Foods do for you?▼

High Frequency Foods for Ascension Course is designed to cleanse toxicity from cells, clear the emotional and mental bodies, regenerate new cells of greater life force and higher vibratory frequency, increase awareness in mind and body, eliminate pain, disease, aging and bridge the gap from one lifestyle and state of consciousness to another.

What's included in my Membership and Course?▼

Journey through ten (10) Amazing and Magical Portals, including;

Portal 1 ~ Welcome To The High Frequency Foods Course and How to Begin.

Portal 2 ~ The Preparation Stage: Beginning Method 1 And 2, plus An Introduction To Muscle Testing.

Portal 3 ~ Shopping For The 'Core Foods Fast.'

Portal 4 ~ The 'Core Foods Fast' and How to Shop after The 'Core Foods Fast.'

Portal 5 ~ High Frequency Juices: How To Make High Frequency Juices, and How To Make Healthy Nut Milks.

Portal 6 ~ Regeneration And Detox: What to Expect, plus Regeneration And Ascension.

Portal 7 ~ Energy Clearing And Manifesting: How to Sage, Energy Clearing Prayer, Energy Clearing Method, Prana Tube Activation, Self Massage, Muscle Testing, Breathe of Fire, and Guided Meditation.

Portal 8 ~ Spiritual And Ceremonial Practices: Sacred Offering, Acu-Yoga, and Gratefulness Practice.

Portal 9 ~ Bonus Recipes and Substitutions: Adrenal Exhaustion Juice Recipe, Roasted Tomato Basil Soup Recipe, Addictions, Transitions And Substitutions, my Healthy Hot Lemon Juice Remedy, my Energy Boosting Green Zing Juice Recipe, my Delicious Strawberry Delight Raw Dessert Recipe, and my Amazing Grandma's No Bake Cacao Cookie Recipe.

Portal 10 ~ Congratulations on Course Completion!

Dive Deep into Healing, Regenerating and Empowering!▼

Begin within to heal, regenerate, and empower your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. Learn all about- The Prana Tube, Food Assimilation, Helpful Kitchen Tools, Long Term Success, and How To Begin and tackle the different modalities and methods to get started - Slow and Steady, The Gradual Way, or Fast and Focused for Complete Change. You will also learn all about - The Core Food Fast, Core Regenerating Foods, Foods and Drinks to Limit or Avoid While Regenerating Your Core Energy, Ceiling Foods and Substances, The Regeneration and Detox Process, What To Expect, High Frequency Foundation Foods, Core Regeneration Foods and Recipes, High Frequency Juice Recipes, The Body Clock, The Chinese Medicine Wheel, The Regeneration Path, and much, much more!

Menu of Services

1 on 1 Coaching▼(Click To Read More)

Kira delivers recipes and techniques, but more importantly she imparts her personal guidance, love and inspiration to every individual and in every class. 

Kira’s perspective comes from a lifetime of seeking resolution to her own health challenges.

Kira’s work with indigenous healers and nutritionists, together with the practices of yoga and meditation, created a meaningful path of healing in her own life that she now shares with her clients.

Kira’s ability to connect and share this information, strengthened by her experience as a leader, and Life Coach, has translated into healthy eating habits for her many clients.

Ask about Kira's 1 on 1 mentoring and counseling services, and availability, today.

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How To Shop▼

Learn How To Shop for The Core Foods Fast. How to read labels. How to eliminate all the confusion and clutter, and make your transition into greater health and well-being simple, easy, and fun.

Retreats & Group Coaching▼

COME JOIN US! Kira hosts amazing and fun High Frequency Foods Retreats! Gather with like minded individuals to enjoy learning about High Frequency Foods. Discover simple fun ways to create yummy, healthy, tasty, fulfilling, and nutritious meals and treats. Combined with powerful techniques and tools that will raise awareness in your physical body, and get you in closer alignment with Source Energy.

Core Foods Fast with Root Vegetables
Core Foods Fast▼

Learn all about Core foods fasting to heal and regenerate your body.

High Frequency Foods Recipes▼

Build a strong, healthy, balanced and aligned foundation with fresh, organic, whole and nutritious High Frequency Foods; foods that your body and cells crave!

High Frequency Juice Recipes▼

Fresh juices carry the key to weight loss, healing physical conditions, and raising our consciousness. They are easy to prepare, and by replacing one daily soft drink or glass of milk with fresh juice, we are supplying enzymes and plant nutrients that our bodies do not get in a Standard American Diet.

Start healing and regenerating your physical body with my Healthy Hot Lemon Juice Remedy!

All The Ingredients For Your Health & Well-being!

Tune In & Listen▼(Click to Read More)

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us, with Carpinteria Healing Arts we learn to listen. Eliminate the confusion, fog, and clutter! Make your transition into greater health and well-being simple, easy, simple and fun.

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us, with Carpinteria Healing Arts we learn to listen. Eliminate the confusion, fog, and clutter! Make your transition into greater health and well-being simple, easy, simple and fun.

Heal & Regenerate▼

A real path to healing and regenerating your physical body, and unlocking your highest potential. Discover how to let go of harmful, non-beneficial substances with ease, get back into harmony and alignment with Source energy, and feel good!

Cleanse & Detoxify▼

Learn how to let go of the harmful, non-beneficial substances with ease. And, learn what to expect when detoxing, so you more easily can get back into harmony and alignment with Source Energy.

Energy Clearing & Manifesting▼

Discover how to intuitively feel your way towards healthier life choices. Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar as you get back into alignment with Source Energy!

Lifetime Course▼(Click To Read More)

All the necessary tools, information, and wisdom, to transition from processed, harmful, and non-beneficial foods, to foods that will raise and harmonize the vibrational frequencies of your body... Including Core Food Recipes, Video Tutorials Tools, and Tips.

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Discover High Frequency Foods▼

Learn about Core Foods Fasting with root vegetables. How to make and enjoy High Frequency Juice Recipes. How to shop for High Frequency Foods. And, how to intuitively tune in, connect to, and listen to, your body's own intelligence and knowingness.

Explore The Course
Recipes, Videos, PDF Books & More!▼

Exclusive Access to my entire Life's Work! My Techniques, Tools, and Recipes! 10 Course Modules with 46 Video Tutorials! And, 9 PDF Instruction and Recipe Books filled with easy to prepare recipes that will completely tantalize your cells and taste buds!

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What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying...

"So Delicious!"

“I love this way of eating. The recipes are so delicious and the simplicity of the diet has helped me clear away long-term food allergies, sugar cravings, and digestive problems. Thank you Kira.”

~ Valerie King

"I Feel Great!"

“I strongly believe High Frequency Foods is the best way to regenerate and increase our mind body soul connection. I feel great! (And be careful it makes you fertile).”

~ Kara Block

"Just what I needed"

“Kira is an amazing instructor! There is no better way of eating that makes you feel so good. I’ve learned to eat according to my body’s needs instead of what my brain wants. I can feel my body being restored, and it just tastes so delicious!”

~ Dan Posney

Kira in field picking veggies picture

Dear Soul Friend,

Wondering if High Frequency Foods can really help support you to heal, to raise your vibration, and to manifest your goals, desires, and dreams?

The sincere truth is... each time I have gone through a major boost or acceleration in my life, in my vibration, and in my manifesting, it was with the assistance of a great coach or mentor.

I know I can help you do this... I am working with people who truly in their heart want to make a real change in their life, want to raise their vibration, and co-create with me to get going on their journey.

If you're ready to empower your life, clear your energy field, set your intention for your life’s purpose, and raise your frequency, sign up for my High Frequency Foods Membership and Course.

I know I can assist you on your path. It is my greatest pleasure and a true blessing to co-create abundant health, eternal wealth, and well-being, with you.

Together we will raise our vibration and share our beautiful heart light!

Thank you so much for your courage.

All my love,