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I would love to personally congratulate and welcome you to your High Frequency Foods for Ascension Membership and Course. Get ready to heal and regenerate your physical body, unlock your highest potential, and bring your passion and purpose to a full roar.

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To get the most from this amazing program, I strongly encourage you to pass through this course at your own pace and repeat all Portals (Portals 1 through 10) periodically (quarterly, semi-annually, or annually).


Together we will raise our frequency and share our beautiful heart light. Thank you for your courage.

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Start your course today! Learn how to cleanse toxicity from cells, clear the emotional and mental bodies, regenerate new cells of greater life force and higher vibratory frequency, increase awareness in mind and body, eliminate pain, disease, aging, and bridge the gap from one lifestyle and state of consciousness to another.

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Your New High Frequency Foods for Ascension Course includes: Muscle Testing, Acu-Yoga, Self-Massage, Gratefulness Practice, Breathing Techniques, Guided meditation, and several beautiful Native American Ceremonies that will clear your energy field and set intention for your life's purpose. Start your Course today! Get on a High Frequency my friend!

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Start shifting your life today with this very powerful and high vibrational lifetime Course! Eliminate low vibrational food addictions! Practice High Frequency Foods substitutions! Your Course is a systematic way of shifting from one state of being to another; of cleansing, detoxifying, and regenerating your body. With your High Frequency Foods for Ascension Lifetime Course, you can start shifting your life today!


PS: Save your Username, Email, and Password your using for Lifetime Access. So you never lose or forget them. It's very important, and it makes everything easier, when you stay organized. I know it serves me everyday when I'm organized and know where things are!

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Make your day into a fun, amazing, high frequency day!

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us, with High Frequency Foods for Ascension we learn to listen.

Kira Slade

Founder & Creator