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High Frequency Foods For Ascension Lifetime Course

What's Included in The Course?

  • Ten (10) Amazing & Magical Portals

  • Portal 1 ~ How To Begin: New Member Video Tutorial

    Portal 2 ~ Preparation Stage, Beginning Method 1 & 2

    Portal 3 ~ Shopping For The Core Foods Fast

    Portal 4 ~ How To Do The Core Foods Fast

    Portal 5 ~ How To Make High Frequency Juices

    Portal 6 ~ Regeneration and Detox: What To Expect

    Portal 7 ~ Energy Clearing and Manifesting

    Portal 8 ~ Spiritual and Ceremonial

    Portal 9 ~ Bonuses, Recipes, and Substitutions

    Portal 10 ~ Congratulation on Course Completion!

  • Access To My Life's Work!

  • All the ingredients for your health, success and well-being! Heal and regenerate your physical body. Unlock your highest potential. Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!

  • Techniques, Tools & Recipes!

  • All the necessary tools you will need to cleanse and detoxify your cells, and help you to transition from processed, harmful, and non-beneficial foods to foods that will raise and harmonize the vibrational frequencies of your body.

  • Forty-Six (46) Video Tutorials!

  •  Kira's Video Tutorials Teach You...

  • Core Fasting to Heal and Regenerate your Body

  • How to Make Healthy High Frequency Food and Juice Recipes

  • How to Shop for High Frequency Foods and Juices

  • How to Assist your Detox and Healing with Self-massage and Acu-yoga Postures

  • What to Expect During your Detox Process

  • How to Intuitively Tune Into and Listen to your Body’s own Intelligence and Knowingness

  • High Frequency Foundation Foods List, and so much more!

  • Eight (8) Downloadable PDF Instruction & Recipe Books!

  • PDF Book #1 - Playbook

    PDF Book #2 - Core Regeneration Recipes

    PDF Book #3 - Seasonal Recipes

    PDF Book #4 - Juice Recipes

    PDF Book #5 - Meridians, Chakras & Breathing

    PDF Book #6 - Special Tips and Tools

    PDF Book #7 - Sweet Treats

    PDF Book #8 - Soup Recipes

    BONUS #1:  My Favorite Power Smoothies PDF Book #9

    Your foundation for going ageless!

    ($150 Value)

    BONUS #2:  Thirty (30) Minute Discovery Session with Kira!

    Get your journey started now, on the fast track! Receive a free 30 minute virtual live Discovery Session with Kira.

    ($250 Value)

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    "I love this way of eating. The recipes are delicious and the simplicity of the diet has helped me clear away long-term food allergies, sugar cravings, and digestive problems. Thank you Kira."

    Kurt Trevallion

    “I strongly believe High Frequency Foods for Ascension is the best way to regenerate and increase our mind body soul connection. I feel great! (And be careful it makes you fertile).”

    Kara Block

    “There is no better way of eating that makes you feel so good. I’ve learned to eat according to my body’s needs instead of what my brain wants. I can feel my body being restored, and it just tastes so delicious!”

    Dan Posney